Thesis Library

EGRU maintains a comprehensive library of geoscience Honours, PhD and Masters theses.   Some theses are already in digital form and available for EGRU Members (Level 1 to 4) to download via the Members’ Portal.  If a thesis is not already available in digital form there may be a scanning cost.

Thesis List 2023

To enquire about a thesis or request a quote for scanning please contact Amanda Nulty.

Research Reports

Characterising and Assessing Prospectivity of Intrusion-Related Hydrothermal Systems of North-East Queensland

A 4-year collaborative research project (2014-2017) between EGRU and the Geological Survey of Queensland.

The JCU reports on this project are available for download from QDEX:

JCU Research Team

  • Prof. Zhaoshan Chang
  • Paul Dirks
  • Prof. Bob Henderson
  • Prof. Carl Spandler
  • Dr Jan Marten Huizenga
  • Dr Yanbo Cheng
  • Dr Arianne Ford
  • Dr Isaac Corral
  • Dr Gavin Clarke

The project also resulted in several JCU student research projects:

  • Poblete, J, PhD, 2019. Geological Characteristics and Origin of Watershed W Deposit, North Queensland, Australia.
  • Sahlström, F, PhD, 2018. Mt Carlton High-sulfidation epithermal deposit, Queensland Australia: Geological Character genesis and implications for exploration.
  • Behnsen, H, MSc, 2018. Magma Fertility Related to Au-Cu Mineralisation in North Queensland, Australia – Evaluating the Potential for Linked Porphyry Cu±Au (±Mo) Deposits at Depths.
  • Fenwick-Ross, O, B.Geol, Hons, 2016. Geological Characteristics and Genesis of the Mt Glenroy Gold Prospect.
  • Spence, J, B.Geol, Hons, 2017. Geological Characteristics of the Nightflower Polymetallic Deposit, Chillagoe Region, Queensland, Australia.


Magmatic History, Fertility and Metallogenesis in the Mary Kathleen Domain of the Mount Isa Inlier

The JCU report on this project is available for download from QDEX:


Geological Setting of the Tick Hill Au Deposit, NW Queensland, Australia

The JCU report on this project is available for download from QDEX:



Geochemical, Isotopic and Geochronological Database

A collaborative project between the Geological Survey of QLD (GSQ) and the Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU), funded by the Queensland Government as part of the Queensland’s Smart Mining-future prosperity program.

The objective was to compile a geochemical, isotopic and geochronological database from JCU theses submitted over the last 30 years where the specific region of research was within Queensland.

The thesis data are divided into data groups of whole rock, rock chip, drill holes, auger, beach sediment, channel sample, drainage sediment, electron microprobe, heavy mineral, mineral, soil stream sediments, termite mound, vegetation and water samples.  Each data group contains references to the thesis author, region and sample number. Other references include, but are not limited to, drill hole depth, data type , mine or prospect, current tenure,  QDEX report number, lithology, geochemistry.

This dataset is available as a spreadsheet in MS Excel (.xlsx) and Open Document formats (.ods)

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